Felix Pong is composer/violinist/Audio Engineer currently living in Japan. 


Born in New Zealand and raised in Hong Kong.

 Felix started to play the violin at the age of three. Mentored by Composer&Violinist Professor BaoZhi-Yang of the Central Conservatory of Music and Shanghai conservatory of music. He obtained his violin diplomas Dip.ABRSM and LTCL in the year of 2010 and 2011.


He went to the U.K since high school in 2012 where he performed the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the Solihull Symphony Orchestra in 2013.


Felix then furthers his education at the prestige world-leading conservatoire, the Royal College of Music in London where he studied violin performance with Professor Yossi Zivoni.  As a session violinist, Felix has recorded in various places including the legendary abbey road studio. He studied Composition with Dr. Alison Kay and Dr. Haris Kittos. Composition for screen with Enrica Sciandrone and Mike Ladouceur Recording, engineer and production with Benjamin Connellan. Felix received his Bachelor Honours Degree (Music) with first class in composition for screen in 2018.


In 2019, He completes 2 online courses of Berklee College of Music in interactive scoring for games and music composition for film and TV.


Felix persuades his career by moving to Japan. Other than his personal projects, he further hones his craft as one of the assistant of the renowned Japanese composer for TV and Anime Hayashi Yuuki. He also did assistant work for the well-known anime music duo of music director Iijima Hiromitsu and BAFTA nominated composer Kevin Penkin.


Felix Pong (フィリックス ポン) 





8歳から15歳まで毎年Hong Kong Schools Music Festivalに出演、ヴァイオリン部門にて毎年1位から3位を受賞。



高校から渡英し、2013年イギリスにてSolihull Symphony Orchestraとメンデルスゾーンのヴァイオリン協奏曲を協演。


2014年世界屈指の名門 Royal College of Music(英国王立音楽大学)入学。ヴァイオリンと作曲を学ぶ。

ヴァイオリンをYossi Zivoni氏(パガニーニ国際コンクール、エリザベート王妃国際コンクール受賞)に師事。


現代音楽の作曲をDr.Alison Kay、Dr.Haris Kittos各氏に師事。

メディア音楽の作曲をEnrica Sciandrone(映画音楽において多数受賞)、Mike Ladouceur(ミッション:インポッシブル、アド・アストラ、オーケストレーター)各氏に師事。


レコーディングとエンジニアの技術をBenjamin Connellan氏(グラモフォンクラシカルミュージックアワード受賞)に師事。





精力的に制作活動をする傍ら、 作曲家林ゆうきのアシスタントとして編曲、レコーディングに参加。 音楽監督飯島弘光と作曲家ケビンペンキンのレコーディングに参加。

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